Ted Hawkins (1994)

“….I’m wringing wet with sweat, my throat’s on fire and my hand is aching. But I had to keep going…”


“Cold and Bitter Tears – The Songs of Ted Hawkins” is a tribute album boasting no celebrity names. James McMurtry, Kasey Chambers and Mary Gauthier are probably the most recognizable of the Americana and country artists on this new CD. But then Ted Hawkins never came close to celebrity himself, except to those who heard him on record or on stage – which in Hawkins’ case was most often in the open air on the beachfront sidewalks of Venice, California.

Allen Toussaint (1996)

“If I was to say my joy, piano is first.”




I loved Allen Toussaint before I knew who Allen Toussaint was.

Al Kooper (1995)

“I was pretty much robbed all my life….”

imgres-1The big bucks versions of “The Cutting Edge 1965-1966,” the latest entry in the Bob Dylan bootleg series (note: not actual bootlegs), includes a 20-track disc of a single song, “Like A Rolling Stone.” It brings to life one of the most famous recording sessions in history – famous not only because of the result, a ground-breaking, six-minute, chart-topping song that completed Dylan’s transformation from folkie to rock star, but because the song’s organ hook was played by someone who sneaked into the session: Al Kooper.