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Edie Brickell

“I would never listen to his ideas as far as writing goes.”

    – Edie Brickell, on her husband Paul Simon.


August 16, 1994

By phone from Montauk, Long Island, New York


Edie Brickell charmed many people as the winsome lead singer of the New Bohemians – perhaps no one more so than Paul Simon, whom she married in 1992. Brickell released her first, solo album two years later, the little heard or appreciated “Picture Perfect Morning.” But it offers a multitude of small pleasures, not least the contributions of several New Orleans luminaries and, of all people, Barry White, soul music’s doctor of love.

Barry White


“I cut the music I love to record. I do it whether it’s a hit or not. It’s the love for the music I’m into.”


June 1 (or 2),  1995

By phone from the Tutwiler Hotel, Birmingham, Alabama


Oh. My. God. That voice. Barry White is the kind of person you want to talk to just to hear that voice. And there it was, coming through my headset in all its deep, sonorous, honeyed glory.