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Aimee Mann

“It doesn’t even pay to sell out.”


The Both: Aimee Mann and Ted Leo

The Both: Aimee Mann and Ted Leo

January, 1996, in advance of the “I’m With Stupid” release and tour

By phone from her home in Los Angeles

 I caught sight of Aimee Mann on TV last week. She was rocking out with Ted Leo, her unlikely partner in a new band, The Both. Singing and player a Fender bass, Mann pulled off a look few 53-year-olds would dare: black leather jacket, black hot pants, black fishnet stockings, sneakers.

The next day I tried to listen to The Both’s new record on Spotify but it wasn’t to be found, not there. Of course not. Spotify’s royalty rate is minuscule and Aimee Mann got fed up with getting ripped off a long time ago.